Inspiring Environmental Artists (EcoArt)

Ecological Art, better known as EcoArt, is a particular approach to art. It falls under the broader term of Environmental art, and it involves not only an ecological approach but often a political activist approach, as well. An artist who focuses on EcoArt brings their connection to nature into their artwork.

EcoArt is unique to its approach. However, the number of artists who create in the area, especially female artists, is growing. They are getting out the message of their geographical, ecological, cultural, biological and political concerns in this emerging field.

One of the factors that distinguishes the area is that more than one medium drives it, and it is often based in the community. The reuse of materials to protect and preserve are often focal points of the artworks. Below are some artists in the EcoArt field that are significant:

1. American Artist Aviva Rahmani

Aviva Rahmani is an ecological artist who works in a variety of mediums. Her work includes painting, photography as well as uses of sound. She has created landscape restorations as well as site-responsive museum pieces.

One of her most famous projects is her Blue Rocks project of 2002 focusing on the issues sounding Vinalhaven Island, Maine. The project drew such attention that the USDA contributed over $500,000 to restore twenty-six acres of the wetlands.

Her current works not only focus on problems in our environment and how to solve them but specifically on mapping analysis and working on solutions for both urban and rural water improvement in large landscapes. She gets the word out on the Internet with things such as webcasts.


2. Sydney Artist Janet Laurence

Janet Laurence is an ecological artist who sets her sights on creating art that makes one think about art and science mixed in with memory and loss. She is influential enough to be seen in the UN’s Climate Change Conference in Paris.

Her work includes the use of organic materials mixed in with laboratory created materials. She sets her focus on life forms and how humans impact the planet and ecology.

3. Sydney Artist Jamie North

The artist Jamie North focuses on the complicated and often destructive fusion of man-made elements mixing in with the natural environment.

Her work is a unique use of concrete pylons that feature various colors and materials along wth plant life. She makes her creations give off a feel of growth but also the opposite – erosion.

One of her major pieces was for the foyer in the National Gallery of Victoria. She is also responsible for a major installment for Biennale of Sydney.

Trusty Tree Removal is an arborist company that does tree lopping in Adelaide for trees that have been damaged by disease, or unnatural causes.

4. American Artist Aurora Robson

Aurora Robson, based out of New York, considers herself not only an ecological artist but also an activist. She sets her focus on the amount of waste produced by society, and her sculptures are created out of that waste. The result is sculptures created not only from waste but also enhanced with LEDS that are not only beautiful but energy saving.

Robson founded Project Vortex which is a group of designers, artists, and architects who work together on collecting plastic debris.


5. UK’s Richard Box

The UK artist Richard Box focuses on land art to deliver his contemporary message. His field of beams creation is title Field. It is simply light bulbs placed in the ground under a series of power lines. The bulbs glow not due to battery, but due to ghost power radiating from the power lines above.

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