Here’s Four Emerging Contemporary Artists we like for 2016:

Christian Rosa

Since 2015, the Rio de Janeiro-born artist Christian Rosa’s career has been on a steady rise. Born in 1982 and currently working in Vienna, he’s an artist to keep an eye on. In 2012, he graduated from the Akademie der bildended Künste and immediately garnered huge amounts of attention at several important exhibitions including his 2013 gallery debut in Los Angeles, the Venice Biennale, and the Frieze New York art fair. Rosa expresses his subjective experiences in the non-objective art tradition using oil, spray paint, and pencil in his paintings. Working on large canvases, he creates an abstract world using his instinctive reactions to mistakes and chance. Using a combination of calligraphic scrawlings and what appears to be random sketches using simply drawn paths that appear natural in form, he creates intriguingly composed paintings that are highly meditative.

Awol Erizku

Born in Ethiopia and now living in the Bronx, New York, twenty-six-year-old Awol Erizku is a multi-media artist who promotes a just cause through his work. The profound mission of this remarkable artist’s video installations, sculptures, and photographs are to place people of color on the walls of galleries and museums which he strives to rectify through his critical discourse of art history. In his critically acclaimed series of portraits using photography, he elevates blackness through artistry in which he replaces modern black faces for the original subjects of white color in classic, iconic portraits done by historical artists such as Vermeer and Caravaggio.

Jeff Elrod

Jeff Elrod, an American painter born in Dallas in 1966 combines digitally-rendered with hand-painted elements in large format abstract paintings. Elrod pulls sharp geometric shapes out of focus to create a pronounced retinal effect in his hybrid images with illusory depth and flat color plans that are executed using computer programs Illustrator and Photoshop as well as spray paint and acrylic. In order to generate a hypnotic effect, he cleverly removes the focal point by dissolving images until a new shape emerges. Audiences are bedazzled by his amorphous paints composed of indistinct blotches of color with lost objects. Because there is no visual anchor, his paintings are resistant to coherence.

David Ostrowski

The extremely talented painter from Germany, David Ostrowski, was born in Cologne in 1981. This renown painter creates deceptively simple abstract paintings that are visual poetry in minimal form. His work has grown from the artist’s study of painting’s true nature. Ostrowski explores the how the process of creation works within the inevitability of error as he strives to remove himself from the technical skills used within the art tradition as he strives to tell more using less. The critically acclaimed and highly controversial F series is his most famous work. In it, Ostrowski works towards the unpainterly essentials in a calculated and well-thought our artistic process featuring interventions on canvas that are barely noticeable and what some call unpainted and empty works.